Modelpalooza/AMPS 2020 is  being planned right now – check back later


Advanced Modeler Registration for 2019 is now closed. You must register during the show (before 12pm Saturday).

Fee Schedule
Adult (Basic and Advanced) Skill Division $20 for 10 entries (an additional $2 for each entry more than 10)
Junior Division $5 for 10 entries (an additional $2 for each entry more than 10)

Non-Modeler Fee Schedule (pay at the door)
Kids 10 and under free.

Modelpalooza/AMPS 2019 will be held at the WorldGate Resort Hotel and Conference Center on October 18th through the 20th.

This is the same great show you have come to appreciate – all scale models of all types are welcome.

New for 2019, all Military Vehicles will be judged using AMPS scoring rules. All remaining Entry Groups will be scored using the open judging rules specified on the Judging page. (AMPS is the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society.)

WorldGate Resort Hotel and Conference Center
3011 Maingate Ln, Kissimmee, FL 34747

Register for rooms at the resort for $74 per night Single/Double Rate with no Resort Fee added. Important:  note that you may find what seems like a lower rate by using Expedia or another booking agent – however you will be required to pay the $20 Resort Fee unless you book by calling the resort. You must also book your room before October 3rd to get the Modelpalooza room block. Please call (407) 396-1400 option 1 to reserve a room (Monday to Saturday from 8:30AM to 6:00PM, and Sunday from 8:30PM to 4:00PM).

Schedule of Events

Friday, Oct. 18th
9am – Advanced Aircraft Workshop (Oleander Room)  Registration Closed

5pm – 7pm AMPS Judges Training Course (Oleander Room – outside main ballroom)
7pm – Venue Open for Registration (Royal Palms Ball Room)
9pm – Venue Closes

Saturday, Oct. 19th
9am – Venue Open for Registration (Royal Palms Ball Room)
9am – Venue Open for Attendee Access
12pm – Modeler Registration Ends
1pm – Seminar: “Weathering Essentials: Chipping and Washes”Johnny and Jay Grenot
3pm – Seminar: “Salt and Hairspray Weathering” – Vince Pedulla
5pm – Venue Closes
8pm – Hospitality Room – 7th Floor Presidential Suite

Sunday, Oct. 20th
9am – Venue Open (Main Ball Room)
10am – Seminar: Modeling using 3D Printing” – Mike Roof
12pm – Awards Ceremony (Seminar area – Royal Palms Ball Room)
1pm – Show ends promptly after Ceremony
3pm – Venue Closes for All Access


Modelpalooza 2019 structures all Entries into 20 Groups:
Group 1 – Aircraft
Group 2 – Automotive
Group 3 – Nautical
Group 4 – Sci-Fi / Real Space / Mecha
Group 5 – Figures
Group 6 – Dioramas / Vignettes
Group 7 – Miscellaneous
Group 8 – Basic Skill – Tracked < 1945
Group 9 – Intermediate Skill – Tracked < 1945
Group 10 – Advanced Skill – Tracked < 1945
Group 11 – Basic Skill – Tracked => 1946
Group 12 – Intermediate Skill – Tracked => 1946
Group 13 – Advanced Skill – Tracked => 1946
Group 14 – Basic Skill – Wheeled + 1/2 Track
Group 15 – Intermediate Skill – Wheeled + 1/2 Track
Group 16 – Advanced Skill – Wheeled + 1/2 Track
Group 17 – Basic Skill – Ordnance
Group 18 – Intermediate Skill – Ordnance
Group 19 – Advanced Skill – Ordnance
Group 20 – Juniors – All Military Vehicles

Groups will be awarded a special “Best of” Award except that there will be only one “Best Military Vehicle” awarded for Groups 8 to 19.

Modelers in Military Vehicles can choose from one of four skill divisions:
– Juniors (under the age of 16)
– Basic
– Intermediate
– Advanced

For AMPS entries, judges will only record scores for the first three Models entered in a given Group.

Judging Process
All the Modelers Entries for each Group listed above will be placed together on the display table marked for that Group.

The Judges will survey all of a Modeler’s Entries for that Group and determine if they are all of similar quality or one stands out as better then the others.  If one Entry stands outs Judges will only score that best Entry. If they all are similar, the Judges will collectively score all the Entries in the Modeler’s display.

The Judges will then score the Entry (or Entries) on its own merit, without comparison to other Modelers Entries. This means that either one entry will be scored for each Group or all of them will be scored collectively. Gold, Silver or Bronze medals will be awarded for this Entry based upon the averaged scores of the Judges. A “Highly Commendable” certificate may also be conferred for Entries not rating a medal. Modelers whose Entries are all similar and judged as a “Display” will be awarded a more prestigious “Display medal” recognizing all of the Entries for that Group.

Specialty awards will be conferred for the Judges’ selected best Entry in each of the Groups above as well as “Best Junior Entry”, “Best Out-of-the-Box Entry” and “Best Scratch-built Entry”. The “Best of Show Jack Keown Award” will be awarded to an Entry selected by the Judges.

Modelpalooza staff reserves the right to photograph any entries in the show and display these images on our web-site.

Judges have been selected from among the best modelers in the region. Judges will not be permitted to score their own Entries but will be permitted to place Entries into Groups which they will judge. Other Judges will score these Entries.

For complete information about the Modelpalooza/AMPS partnership, please refer to the Judging page.

Official Modelpalooza Show Rules

1. Entries may be made of any material, i.e. plastic, wood, metal, paper or any combination thereof.

2. Modelers must place all their Entries in a given Group together on the marked display tables with the Entry registration slips. Entries without legible registration slips will not be judged.

3. The Modeler will determine the Group of each Entry. The Head Judge reserves the right to move Entries to another Group if such move is clearly warranted.  All such moves will be made following the notification of the Modeler.

4. All Entries must be registered and placed on display tables before 12pm Saturday, September 23rd (no exceptions). This is due to the judging processes occurring during the day and not after the venues’ closing.

5. Presentation bases for Entries are optional in all Groups, except Dioramas and Vignettes. If a base is present in this Group, it will be considered in judging decisions according to the criteria scoring tables below.

6. No self-propelled or radio controlled Entries are allowed in the contest.

7. No Entries depicting nudity or other inappropriate topics for a “PG – rated” audience will be permitted. No exceptions.

8. Entries must not exceed 32” x 32” dimensions. NOTE: Pre-arrangement with show registrar is required for larger entries (larger than 32” x 32”). Such works are admitted only with registrar acceptance and space availability.

9. The Adult and Basic Divisions are open to all Modelers regardless of age.

10. The Junior Division is limited to Modelers who have not reached their 17th birthday as of the show date.  Contestants under the age of 17 may elect to enter the Adult Basic or Advanced Division. Junior Contestants are also eligible to win specialty “Best of” awards.

11. Contest Judges are permitted to judge a Group in which they are entered. Judges will not score their own Entries.

12. All Judges’ scoring decisions are reviewed by the Head Judge with any necessary adjustment to align scoring values. Judging scoring decisions are final.

13. Only one medal/award will be conferred for the Modelers best Entry in a given Group. Specialty “Best of” awards will also be conferred to each Group based upon a consensus of top Judges.

14. Judges will take into consideration Entries which are properly registered as Out-of-the-Box (OOTB). OOTB Entries will be judged with the same criteria as all other Entries of a Group. OOTB Entries must be an unmodified commercially produced kit, WITH THE KIT INSTRUCTION SHEET, or a copy, provided next to the model. If no instruction sheet is present, the Entry will not be judged as OOTB. Seams may be filled if necessary, rigging, antennas and paper seatbelts may be added.  Entry may be painted as desired and substitute decals may be used. The Entry is then eligible to win the “Best Out-of-the-Box Entry award”.

15. Judges will take into consideration Entries which are properly registered as Scratch-built. Scratch-built Entries will be judged with the same criteria as all other Entries of a Group. Scratch-built Entries must be more than 50% Modeler supplied parts. Scratch-built models may incorporate parts from other kits, but these should be generally unrelated to their original identity, except for minor parts such as wheels, guns, etc. The Entry meeting these criteria is then eligible to win the “Best Scratch-built Entry award”. (Basic IPMS Scratch-built rules)

16. Judged entry scoring information will be posted on the web-site for Modeler review a few days after the show has been concluded. (Note that all entries are not necessarily scored by judges – only one entry in each Group.)

17. The “Modelpalooza Master Modeler” award will be conferred to modelers chosen by the Modelpalooza Show Team. The award will be presented only after a modeler has consistently demonstrated superior skill at previous Modelpaloozas.  All previous Modelpalooza results are considered in this decision. The recipient must also demonstrate commitment to the hobby by contributing their skill back to Modelpalooza as a judge or other show-related endeavors.






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